Audio Video

This Play Room has selection of Display, Flat Screen or 120" Electric Screen.  Controlled by a Crestron Series 2 Processor



Lighting Control

Lutron HomeWorks controls the Room Lights and Aquarium Lights.

Glass Bridge lit using Color Kinetics RGB LED lighting


Automation Design

Great Automation starts with Great Designs.


Vsys Automation designs intelligent homes which entails simplifying your daily activities in your home. Programming your preferences in systems such as turning on and adjusting light intensity depending on time of day, playing music throughout your home, your HVAC comfort settings depending on the day and time of year, activating your Home Theatre with the touch of a single button, closing certain shades in your home depending on the location of the sun or weather protecting your assets and reducing your cooling bill. Access to your home’s systems can be either through a touch screen, keypad, or the internet

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